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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  November 7, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the critics who circled around him since he arrived in new york. it's way too early for this. good morning. i'm willie geist. this is "way too early," chosen by nine of ten sleep apnea specialists. i'm glad you're with us watching live or listening on sirius xm radio. shoot me an e-mail or e-mail me and let me know what you're doing awake at this hour. we'll read the best responses. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this monday, november 7th. eye opening news just this morning about the nuclear capabilities of iran. plus s&l's rick perry tries to explain his wacky new hampshire speech last week, and i don't think he helped himself with
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this explanation. that clip later in the show. first let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. greek prime minister george popandreou has agreed to step down halfway through his four-year term as greece takes the initial steps towards forming a new coalition government and securing bailout funds from the european union. now the focus of the financial crisis there turns to italy where the cost of borrowing has jumped to its highest rate since that country adopted the euro. let's take an early look at the markets. we go to geoff cutmore life in london. >> george popandreou was increasingly seen as a problem in terms of at least giving greece the next tranche of the imf/eu aid it was meant to get. he put his hand up and said the greek people need a further referendum on further austerity and how we'll get ourselves out of this financial crisis. that didn't go down too well
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with the eu or imf who were lining up to give the next tranche of aid. george popandreou is gone. we will get a unity government created, but still we don't know who will be in that government or exactly how it will be formed, but it is seen as very much the next piece of the jigsaw puzzle when it comes to moving forward in this crisis. the markets are nervous, though. we are down in the european session and we have been through most of the session as you can see here. in the early call on the u.s. open is quite week. in part that's the biggest story. italy, which is into the market for $2.2 trillion in debt set for a very crucial vote tomorrow, and they'll be nervousness going into that vote as to whether the berlusconi government can survive. back to you. >> amazing, jeff, we hop from one country to the next every week. this week it's italy. geoff cutmore life in london.
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profits for american firms are reaching record highs not sen since 2008. wall street firms earned more in the first 2 1/2 years of the obama presidency than in all eight years of the bush presidency. over $85 billion in profit compared to $77 billion under president bush. the largest banks increased assets by 10% since beginning of 2009 and reported profits of $34 billion so far this year. wall street salaries have grown by an average of 16.1%. last year financial firms gave out more than $25 billion in bonuses. "washington post" is reported president obama has collected more money from wall street, $15.6 million than all the republican candidates combined. these numbers come as president obama is attempting to connect with working class americans hardest hit by financial crisis. for the latest "washington post" abc poll finds 61% of americans disapprove of the way president obama is handling the economy.
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only 13% of americans say they're better off today than they were before president obama took office. 52% say they're about the same. in washington democrats an republicans attempting to hammer out a deal that would create more jobs and stimulate the economy as the anti-wall street sentiment spreads across the country. yesterday house speaker john boehner taking issue with the president's criticism of wall street and indicating his relationship with the commander in chief has chilled of late. >> i understand people's frustrations. i understand their concerns. i frankly understand we have differences in america. we are not going to engage in class warfare. the president is out there doing it every day. i frankly think it's unfortunate because our job is to help all americans, not to pit one set of americans against another. >> you think that's what's happening? >> the president is clearly trying to do it, and it's wrong. the president and i have a pretty good relationship. it's been a little frosty here
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the last few weeks, but we've got a good relationship. >> according to obama advisors, the o occupy wall street will play a critical roll. iran is nearing nuclear capability thanks to foreign assistance. that's according to the international atomic energy agency which reports the former soviet weapons scientists have all helped iran master key steps needed to build an atomic weapon. iran's foreign minister is dismissing this report saying it's, quote, 100% political and foreign governments are influencing the iaea's actions. they report the work on the program continued after 2003 when u.s. agencies believed iran had halted the experiments. former secretary of state condoleezza rice reacted saying the u.s. needs to stand strong in the face of an iranian
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government she says is losing power. >> the united states should certainly make clear that the president of the united states will consider military action if necessary. you never want to take that card off the table. i think it's time to confront the iranian regime, it's the poster child for state sponsorship of terrorism, trying to get aa nuclear weapon, it's repressed its own people. we should be doing everything we can to bring it down and never take military force off the table. >> rice adding there are other ways to deal with iran including tougher sanctions. noted one drawback to the u.s. poolout to iran is inability to pressure iranians living in that country. on to 2012 politics, new poll numbers show the harassment allegations surrounding herman cain are beginning to have an impact on his republican presidential bid. according to a reuters poll, he dropped 9 percentage points in one week. the data comes from online polling conducted over the week
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end. on saturday he participated in debate. it wasn't really debate. the candidate spent most of the time agreeing. the real heat coming after the event when cain was questioned by reporters. >> don't even go there. >> can i ask my question? >> no. >> no gossip. >> may i ask a good question. >> where is my chief of staff? >> please send him the journalistic code of ethics. you want to ask another good question? i was going to do something my staff told me not to do and try to respond. what i'm saying is this, we are getting back on message, end of story, back on message. read all of the other accounts, read all of the other accounts where everything has been answered, end of story. we're getting back on message. >> how dare you ask questions i don't want to answer.
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despite tall gagss, supporters are rallying behind the former pizza ceo. since the harassment charges broke, the campaign says it received more than $2 million. he collected $2.8 million from june to september fund-raising. pundits weighed in on the future of mr. cain's campaign. >> he's not going to be the nominee, if i can just be honest. he was never going to be the nominee. the air is slowly going to go out of the herman cain bubble regardless of the sexual harassment charges. >> at some point you've got to say here is the deal, here are the facts. i think he's trying to do that. you've got to move on. this is not the issue that's going to decide the election. >> herman cain is the latest balloon boy. everybody is obsessed with it. if you ask commentators off the air whether they think it's probable that herman cain even before these allegations would
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be president and imagine there's no pizza in the white house, they will tell you no. >> balloon boy, arianna. cain will remain in the media spotlight appearing as a guest on jimmy kimmel live. an amazing finish to the sunday night game as the ravens and steelers come down to the final seconds in pittsburgh. nfl highlights just ahead in sports. fake rick perry drops in to "s&l's" weekend update to clear up the speculation concerning his physical condition during that loosey-goosey speech. that and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. because of the hiv sly russ that i have attained, i will have to he tire from the lakers today. i just want to make clear, first
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5:42 in the morning. a live picture. a time for a check on the weather with bill karins. >> this is eight days in a row we've had dry weather since the snowstorm. this is the longest stretch that many people in new england and the mid atlantic have seen in over a year. longest stretch of dry weather. it's been an unbelievably wet year. we love this. it continues this week. look at the forecast today. temperatures near 60 degrees from southern new england all the way down through the mid atlantic back into the ohio valley. a gorgeous start to your november week. the troublesome weather is in the middle of the country. airport delays possible in chicago and indianapolis. outside oklahoma city, storms
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near tulsa. ton back side we'll see another snowstorm for colorado and kansas. this time it won't hit denver too bad. out in the rural areas of kansas on interstate 70 we'll see the worst of it as it sneaks through nebraska. possibility of another snowstorm out there. otherwise a beautiful day for the east coast. we mentioned the storms possible in dallas. we do it again tomorrow. how does 65 and sunny sound in central park? great start to the workweek. >> we'll take that in in november, bill. let's turn to sports. great nfl games on sunday. last night in the nbc game, the best rivalry in the league right now, ravens and steelers in pittsburgh. vaif vens got the best of the steelers at home in baltimore. pittsburgh trying to even the score at heinz field. in the fourth quarter, five minutes left, down three points, steelers ben roethlisberger hits mike wallace for a 25-yard score. steelers up four. rafrns get the ball and drive to
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the steelers 26 yard line. 16 seconds left in the game. joe flacco, torrey smith, beats two pittsburgh defenders ravens pull off a last-second win, eight seconds on the clock. 23-20 vaif vens win to sweep the season series from the pittsburgh steelers. this really has become the best rivalry in the nflt. bengals beat the titans yesterday. they won the last five games. the bengals are tied with the ravens at 6-2. reenact of super bowl xlii. eli manning looking to back up comments that he's, quote, in the same class with quarterback tom brady. close game into the fourth. giants down 3. manning hits manningham, giants up 17-13. on the next possession, tom brady does what tom brady does. on a fourth and eight, fires a
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laser to rob gronkowski, giants down three. eli manning drives his team down the field, 80 yards capped with a touchdown pass to jake ballard with 15 seconds left. ballard made another great catch on the drive. eli living up to the hype going for 250 yards, two touchdowns, brady had 342 rand two scores, but too costly interceptions. giants beat the patriots 24-20. with the patriots loss, the jepts and the bills looking to gain some ground in the afc east. third quarter, jets up ten, mark sanchez adding a little insurance. santonio holmes. holmes celebrates with rex ryan after the catch. rex getting some air. jets beat the bills. horse rates in the afc, patriots, jets and bills all at 5-3. dolphins by the way got their first win of the season beating the chiefs. they're 1-7. chargers trying to snap a two-game losing streak against
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the unbeaten packers. it was a shootout. in the first philip rivers passed tipton to peprah. peprah breaks a couple of tackles, weaves through the crowd. 40 yards. what a run. 40 yards for the touchdown. one of rivers' three picks in the game, ran back for touchdowns. aaron rodgers, green bay wins 45-38. the biggest surprises of the year continues. the 49ers off to their best start since '97. alex smith yesterday, 200 yards against the skins. 49ers win 19-11, their sixth consecutive victory. falcons taking on the colts. falcons rookie julio jones. triple coverage. somehow jones comes up with the
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catch. look at this catch. he stumbles at the end of his run. that's an unbelievable catch. falcons with their third win in a row. colts remain football's only winless team. they're 0-9. tim tebow back in the good graces of bronco's fa. yesterday he threw for 124 and two touchdowns and ran for 117 yards as denver beat the raiders 38-24. in spite of a 1-4 start, denver is still in the mix in the afc west, 3-5, they're 2-1 since tebow was named the starter. two bad teams but a great finish. tied at 13 in over time. the rookie out of lsu, he keeps doing this, patrick peterson -- see that spin, takes on the entire rams special teams, 99 yards, that's a walk-off punt return, touchdown in over time. patrick peterson, the rookie does it again. cardinals win 19-13.
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college football, a scandal at penn state that could threaten the legacy of joe paterno. on saturday jerry sandusky, a man who coached under paterno for 32 years at penn state was arrested on 40 counts of child sex abuse including felony sex crimes against children and now two high-ranking penn state administrators stepped down. both men facing arraignment on charges they lied to a grand jury investigating the alleged child abuse. penn state head coach joe paterno was not charged and the grand jury report did not implicate him in wrongdoing. however, according to a report in march of 2002 a graduate assistant witnessed sandusky sexually assaulting an underage boy and went to paterno's home to explain what he had seen. paterno reported the incident to administrators but claimed he had no knowledge of the
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specifics. 20 of the 40 counts against sandusky allegedly october kufrd when he was a member of paterno's staff. he could face life in prison if convicted. if you were home saturday night, chances are you were watching lsu's 9-6 over time win. it was the second highest rated game ever for the network drawing an average of 18 million viewers. alabama only dropped to three in the bcs. wasn't enough to leapfrog. moving to two was oklahoma state with a victory over kansas state. stanford and boise staying at four and five. a record setting day at the new york city marathon. jeffr geoffrey mutai. the 30-year-old also won this year's bon ton marathon. coming up at the taupe of
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the hour on "morning joe," new figures out, the good times keep rolling on wall street. we'll explain with our "morning joe" crew. when we come back, we'll huddle around the water cool to watch bill haters rick perry explain that wacky speech. it's a good one.
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as we told you earlier, "the washington post" went through the numbers and found wall street has earned more during the first few years of the obama presidency than all eight years of the george w. bush administration. with that surge in profits came a surge in pay. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends in 2008 total compensation and benefits for publicly-traded wall street banks and security firms hit a record $135 billion. that's in 2010. "wall street journal" dug that number up adding the gains, up 5.7% from the previous year came as revenues bounced to $417 billion. that is another all-time high. bottom line, wall street is doing just fine three years after the financial crisis. enough of the real news, let's huddle up around the wart cooler to watch fake rick perry
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on saturday night addressing the loopy speech in new hampshire. we showed it to you a bunch. bill hater as the texas governor. >> a lot of people are saying you seemed intoxicated during the speech you gave in new hampshire. >> who said that? was it this lady right there? was it maroon 5. >> a lot of people said it, and i have to say, governor, it actually seems like you might be a little drunk right now. >> no, i don't drink. what i drink is coffee. i drink coffee. >> i'm sorry, governor. if you weren't drunk, do you want to explain what was going on in new hampshire. >> okay. right before the speech, herman cain shows up with a godfather's pizza. he's like, hey, man, do you like pizza? you know me, seth, i love pizza.
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it wasn't until after i ate it that i realized the pepperonis were ambiens and tomato sauce was beer. so next thing i know i'm standing waist teep in lake pen saki with a pacifier in my mouth. okay. here we go. here is the simple solution to taxes. look, seth, a hawaiian girl. whoo! >> i can see that. >> ola, seth. >> ola? governor, it looks like you're just flat out losing it. >> what? the election, i know. i'm losing it really bad. everyone saying you got to run, you definitely win. my polls go like
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